Thanks for Visiting Physio3!

Hey everyone!

To those who have visited and viewed the site, thank you! I hope the articles, graphics, and summaries have proven interesting and given you something to think about in terms of health, nutrition, and physiology.

My motive for creating physio3 was to share interesting and thought provoking scientific articles and make them understandable; mainly by highlighting key findings and information. Scholarly articles can be a quite an overload – with their methods sections and specifics all later out. My goal is to synthesize the information that needs to get out – whether it be one or two key methods used, a light background, and significant findings – so the article can benefit the larger whole. Sometimes I feel like scientists are publishing articles just for the audience of other scientists – and often those are the ones who need the information the least.

I will try and post one article or summary every day or so, as there is nearly an unlimited stream of articles being published that require attention!

Hopefully in the near future, I can get some more interesting features and pages on the site. Until then, keep checking in to the blog for more articles on physiology. Thanks for reading!

If you have ANY comments – regarding content, what you might like to see, suggestions for improving posts or the graphical summaries, please leave them on the page; I’d love to hear from you!

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